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The Association is non-political and Christian inspiration.  Pursues the interests of promoting full human person, and not for profit.  They can join all those who identify the values which underpin it and in its action. It lasts indefinitely.

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors, elected by the representatives of immigrants from around the world and renewed every three years. The interior consists of an executive council that meets,  proposes and manages the various initiatives approved by the Board.

The general assembly is held annually to approve the final budget and budget, to give general guidelines for activities, or not to approve any amendment to the Statute.

Purpose of the Association

The Association aims to work for the whole Province of Trevisani residing abroad or in other regions of Italy, those wishing to emigrate or to return, and in favor of immigrants.

So it is proposing:

1) The link between Trevisani and their families: to this end, will boost the most regular and constant contact through visits, tours and meetings, printing of periodicals and other publications, recordings; short films, broadcasting, and any other activities deemed appropriate;

2) an analysis of migration problems, particularly as regards the defense and protection of the rights and interests of the person and the family emigration and immigration of people to return;

3) activities that affect the educational, cultural and informative to those intending to leave the country, residents abroad or in other regions of Italy, the immigrants of the returnees, their family when necessary, special needs and situations so require;

4) the census of Trevisani around the world, returnees and immigrants;

5) to collect the documentation of work, activities and any of the press Trevisani abroad;

6) the establishment in the province, nationally and abroad to local groups called Departments, as well as the creation, within the Association, in the province of a Committee on Youth. Favors the formation of associations in the Province of immigrants participating ATM.  Sections have their own regulation or self-employment in respect of the guiding principles of this Statute.

That regulation or statute must be submitted and approved by the Board of Central;

7) the Association intends to use appropriate tools in order to achieve economic aims. Will promote and coordinate the actions of solidarity of people, other bodies  and collaborate with the offices and institutions are interested to migration;

8) to promote activities and initiatives for updating and training of staff of all schools and grade, teachers, professors and students is not for a better understanding of migration and their place in today's world, both to facilitate proper inclusion and integration of former child migrants and immigrants.


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